How is GigsNearMe good for you

Work on your own time

GigsNearMe helps you find Gigs that suit your current and future schedules and notfifies when they are posted.

Fulfill your financial goals

Having a secondary source of income helps you achieve your financial goals faster and better.

Enhance your network

Connect with industry peers and companies who can provide opportunities at regular intervals.

Why join GigsNearMe?

Set your availability

Save your preferred companies


Get certified

Get started with these easy steps

1. Download the APP

If you are on iOS or Android, we got you

2. Set-up your profile and preferences

Let your potential employers know how good you are. This is
crucial for us to match you with the right Gigs

3. Search and apply for Gigs

We will notify you based on your profile settings
but we let you search and apply also.

4. Rate and get paid

Yes, its a 2-way street and we let you rate
your employer on how good they are.
After this, you will get your reward.

5. Tell your friends

Well, you tell your friends about all the
good things that happened to you. So,
tell them about GigsNearMe...

Get started now!!

Whether you want experience in a new industry, work for companies that you admire or earn extra income to support your hobbies; download the GigsNearMe app and set up your profile to search for Gigs that will help you fulfil your objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the app is free to use for lifetime

No, we do not take a commission/service fee on the Gigs that you complete

You will be paid directly by the Organization that hires you.

As a first step please contact the hiring manager at the company you worked. You can also use the chat functionality within the APP to connect with the Hiring Manager or Payroll Administrator.

Yes, you can be a Preferred Gig seeker in more than one Company.

Take your first step towards putting your
skills to work like many others.