Our Story

Langsat Technologies Private Ltd. envisioned and built GigsNearMe as a platform to connect hospitality businesses with talented gig workers, empowering both parties to thrive in the ever-evolving industry. The key step to innovation and new ventures is experimentation that lets companies Build > Test > Learn. At GigsNearMe, we are on a mission to connect businesses with skilled talent within their communities. By providing a platform, we can make it easier and faster for businesses to innovate and adapt to the changing landscape by making Gig workforce a strategic priority.

What we value


We are committed to making our customers happy with our product, service and every interaction.


We work to do right by our customers and we live to do what’s right..


When time is money, there is no room for complications. We strive to keep things simple.

Let us show you how easily you can hire and manage on-demand talent