How we help Hospitality industry get
more done with less.

Citywide talent pool

Create a citywide talent pool who can meet your on-demand talent needs.

Seamless onboarding

Make onboarding easier with pre-arrival trainings and resource materials

Workflow management

We understand every request needs an approval and we got you covered.

Pre-opening talent

Pre-opening can be the most challenging time to get the right talent. With GigsNearMe, you can hire talent based on your pre-opening needs and hire them permanently when the demand is steady.

Cross utilize in-house talent

Multiskilled talent already exists in your organization and GigsNearMe helps you recruit associates who would like to get exposure in different functions and get paid.

Seasonal Business Development

Whether it is selling Moon Cakes, Christmas Cakes or Diwali Sweets, there is always opportunity to drive revenue with either in-house or external talent who would like a short term Gig.

Let us show you how easily you can hire and manage on-demand talent