Our motto is to keep it simple
and we live by it...

Post Gigs Easily

Define the position, skills
and post your Gigs to a
large talent pool

Select and onboard

Select your Gig workforce and
onboard before they step
into the job.

Manage and nurture

Save the best performing Gig workers & nurture them to become your future permanent workforce

Why Choose GigsNearMe ?

Support your community

Provide opportunities for up and coming talent in your community through GigsNearMe.

Create an Internal Talent Marketplace

An innovative and flexible approach to talent acquisition that connects employees with transferable skills with opportunities inside and outside the organization. Enables managers to quickly deploy, motivate, develop & retain employees.

Preferred Gig workforce

Having a set of talent who are verified on the job, trained and onboarded to the organization can be a strategic advantage during unpredictable business cycles.

Data and Insights

With real-time and robust data, your organization can make the strategic decisions in terms of staffing levels, training, skill development and recognition.

Let us show you how easily you can hire and manage on-demand talent

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